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A Few of My Favorite Things


Interest 01 | Taylor Swift

I'm a Taylor Swift fan, also known as a Swiftie. Through her and her music, I have learned many things about life and met many people across the country and world. By going to concerts, I have traveled the country and reconnected with friends along the way. I thought I'd share some photos.


Interest 02 | Dance

Dance is a unique art form, as it combines emotional expression with physical athletic ability. I've had the honor of competing around the country and instructing novice and seasoned dancers. My greatest accomplishment was receiving two choreography awards for dances about betrayal and the Holocaust. 


Interest 03 | Foxes

A fox is the best of both worlds:  a dog and cat. They are wonderful, mischievous animals that are full of life. I have always loved how beautiful foxes are, but this means they are farmed for their fur. Much of what I have learned about foxes has been from Juniper (a rescued fox) and her owner, Jessika Coker. 


Interest 04 | Anchors

My great grandmother loved the beach and lighthouses, so it's only natural that I developed a love for something similar. I've always been fascinated with nautical concepts, wayfinding using the stars, the art of knot-tying, and the mysteries of the sea. Anchors stabilize, so for me, they represent a state of stability.

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