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Graphical Re-Design

Challenge:  Productivity measures existed across several screens and outdated graphs were used to visually represent productivity. Organization of the information was also an issue when using these reports, as the data was sorted incorrectly for users' needs.

My role:  UX Designer

The Team:  2 UX Designers, 2 UI/UX Developers

The Timeline:  2 weeks of design, 6-8 weeks of development and testing


The problem:  Managers have little time to spend searching for information about productivity on projects and jobs, especially while out in the field on a construction site.

The solution:  Utilize graphs to visually represent productivity data and re-organize the information in a sensible and easily digestible manner. 

User Pain Points

  • Information is spread across multiple pages

  • Current graphs are not helpful or comparable

  • Data is not logically organized

Solution Values

  • Provide comprehensive report for various date ranges

  • Use graphs to compare productivity across projects over time

  • Organize data by project rather than by equipment

Design Process

Double Diamond Model - Design Thinking.png

My Role

Researched and learned about the users' needs based on conversations with managers and Customer Success. Assisted creating mockups and wireframes while maintaining existing code. Developed and advocated for new graphical representation, including bar charts in place of pie charts and "spark" graphs for each project. 

Deliverables included:

  • Problem Research

  • Mockup

  • Wireframe


Project Productivity Screen.png
Individual Project Productivity Screen.png
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